Clarity of the new rules process next year...

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Clarity of the new rules process next year...

Postby Midtown Rich » Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:04 pm

Bare-it wrote:As Tom mentioned in another post, only member clubs and OMRA officers vote at the calendar/rules meeting. Barrett

I can't find a post that says that member clubs were to vote on rules. Please give us a link to that information.

I found this-
All clubs should have minimum one rep show for updates and event-date requests.

I wish to make one simple point here.
We didn't know we were supposed to have club discussions and send someone to vote on rules.
Neither of the two clubs I am a member of had group discussions on rules. We talked about calender dates only.
Lobos had a discussion as i understand it. Good for them, they knew the process. Did anyone else?!

I made this post after the online voting was announced-
The actual voting and policy making is done solely by the board members at the meeting in 2 weeks.
The purpose of this poll is to give them stuff (info- comments and stats) to talk about, so they can decide what rules stay and what rules go.

Tom replied with this-
Rich is correct that this survey is to get a pulse from the OMRA members, not a full-fledged decision vote. We don't take new rules proposals lightly and want to ensure we have a feel from the members on these topics.

I wish we were told that our voices would be heard through our club representatives.
Less than half of OMRA members are in a club anyway.

I suspect that some club representatives didn't realize they would be voting for or against new rules.
I suspect that some clubs didn't know they were voting on new rules.
I know that club members had no idea they needed to educate representatives on rule issues.

We have clubs with literally no members. How can we expect them to represent the OMRA population?
They get to vote their own opinion of a rule they may have never heard of before.

It sounds to me like the people who did the voting may not have completely understood the consequences of the new rules. They surely didn't participate in the discussions that led to the new rule suggestions. Did the folks with the voting power vote for themselves or for the greater population?

I hope we can make this process more clear in the future.

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Midtown Rich
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Postby Midtown Rich » Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:10 pm

I only want to make the process clear for folks next year.
So we can be ready to properly contribute to the process.

I do not mean to *(female dog)* or complain.
I care so i speak up.
I seek clarity not confrontation.

If nobody else cares, no problem with me.

Again, i didn't understand what was going on from the start and i was confused all along.
I didn't feel like we were given proper information at the proper times.

Hopefully now that it is clear who votes, why, and when, we can do a better job of representing ourselves and our club members!

Thanks to all!

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