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Please Support Dualsport Riders

Postby Rx2Ride » Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:36 am

SB 878 is a bill that gets rid of the law against standing up in Oregon. Standing up increases your control of the motorcycle. There are still multiple laws against "stunting." The motorcycle handbook of Oregon states that you should weight the pegs and rise off the seat while going over obstacles, yet this is illegal. Trying to legislate when to stand up, in order to ride safer or avoid an accident, is like trying to legislate where to place your hands on the steering wheel while driving an automobile (while you are shifting gears, turning, etc.) When to stand up should be up to the operator of the motorcycle.

Standing up is particularly helpful while dualsporting. A "highway" in Oregon is essentially any roadway, this includes dirt and gravel roads. Standing is illegal on these roads.

The people who make our laws do not understand how our subculture and have a difficult time with the concept that standing on a motorcycle increases your control, they think that standing up is the same as stunting ](*,) . Please call your Oregon state representatives and tell them you support SB 878 or you may be the next person who gets a Class B traffic violation for following the Oregon Motorcycle Handbook, by standing up over a bump in the road.

You can find your representatives here… ... ricts.html

Thank you.
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