Please Comment on HB 3455 Right Now

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Please Comment on HB 3455 Right Now

Postby Rx2Ride » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:34 am

The 2015 Oregon legislative session running along wide open.

House bill 3455 is a proposed law that does two things: One, it allows fire and EMS direct access to the ATV fund, no grant process is required, money would be taken right off the top. Two, it mandates that the ATV grant committee have 2 EMS representative members. Please understand that I support our EMS community, BUT I am opposed to this bill. When my son asks for my credit card, I don't just hand it to him without any questions, I hand him the cash he needs for the purchase that we discussed. This process teaches him to be responsible with his own money, supports our relationship, and helps me feel good about what he is purchasing with my money. Right now the EMS community uses the grant system and it works. Placing TWO members of the EMS community on the grant committee? TWO?! No other "group" has TWO VOTING members on the ATV grant committee.

Can anyone tell me any other recreation group that is mandated by law to pay for EMS services AND have EMS representation on a their user-funded grant committee?

Please go to the website below, find your STATE representatives, and give them a phone call. This shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes. ... ricts.html

Thank you.
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