ARRA Newsletter - June 2014

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ARRA Newsletter - June 2014

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Larry E. Smith Executive Director wrote:Washington Newsletter

June, 2014

"I am not finished"

On May 21st President Obama designated his largest national monument by establishing the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in southern New Mexico. This new 496,000 acre national monument is the President’s 11th declaration under the authority granted by the Antiquities Act of 1906.

ARRA supported the idea of creating a national monument for the Organ Mountains, but the approach we supported was much narrower in scope, some 55,000 acres, as suggested in legislation introduced by Rep. Steven Pearce (R-NM). You probably recall that we wrote about the Organ Mountains in greater detail in our February newsletter. As we have stated before, our fear is that a larger national monument area will end up limiting access rather than encouraging it. Read more...

Good News for the Recreational Trails Program!

Bike trails

Courtesy of NOHVCC.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee provided RTP supporters with some very good news on May 15th when it reported out legislation to reauthorize federal transportation programs for six years. Unlike two years ago, the Committee decided this time to reauthorize the Recreational Trails Program.

Several hurdles remain, including how it will be funded, before the legislation will make its way to the Senate floor. As of now July seems to be the likely timeframe for reaching the Senate floor. We will let you know when we know for sure. Read more...

on the dunes

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Sage Grouse Legislation

The September, 2015 deadline for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to decide whether to list the greater sage grouse and the Gunnison sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act is fast approaching. That prospect is threatening the economies of several western states. Recreation, agriculture and energy development are all threaten by such a listing.

In response of this ever growing threat, legislation has been introduced in the Senate and the House which would keep the agency from taking such action if states put in place a management plan to protect sage grouse habitat. The overall theory is that state governments are in a much better position to manage habitat protection rather than having those decisions made back in Washington. Read more...

ARRA Member Survey

TWe are fortunate to hear from ARRA members from time to time, but we thought it would be helpful to solicit the input of all of our members. To that end, we have created a very brief survey and we hope as many of you as possible will take a minute to complete it. It is a painless exercise and in doing so you are going to be helping us do a better job for you. This link will zip you to the survey. Take the survey...

Spread the Word Sign Up New ARRA Members

on the beach

Courtesy of NOHVCC.
It’s hard to believe, but many in the recreation community haven’t heard about ARRA. We think we do a pretty good job of representing responsible recreation interests, but the key to our success is ARRA members. When you have a moment, encourage your friends and relatives who care about access issues to join ARRA. It’s easy and it is free. And by doing so, you will be helping others make a difference just like you! Spread the word...


Larry E. Smith
Executive Director
Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA)
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