sick of the city

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sick of the city

Postby Rotcorp » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:57 am

Living in Portland is not conducive to riding dirbikes.
I've been trolling craigslist for new housing situations( apartments/ room for rent) closer to riding.
Mostly been thinking north plains, banks, scapoose, etc.
and I'm not coming up with much. I figured as a long shot i should mention it here and see if anyone knows of something.
A small house to rent, an apartment, a room, a barn, a shed, an igloo, a tree fort....whatever. I just wanna ride more.
Oh my only limitation is that I'm currently working in beaverton and I don't want to
commute much more than say 45 min or so....
anyway. if anyone knows of anything shoot me a PM.

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