Shedd Quad Race??

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Shedd Quad Race??

Postby gngcycle » Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:53 pm

Is there any interest in having a limited quad class at Shedd on the Oct.'5,6 weekend. We have a limited quad race on Friday evening for everyone who helps with the race.Last year we ran 2 classes,sport and utility, awarded helmets to the winners,2 classes 2 helmets had a couple of side by sides,had a side by side out last Sunday and took a lap with him ,gave me a better idea of how much room is needed.Started making some changes that will smooth out the quad race course to.It all comes down to the interest??We now have two damp areas to get thur plus 5 different bridges.Have outside loop right now that is just under 6 miles that have a couple of sections to test the top end of your quad.If this needs to be moved to the general topic's section have at it. I can barely type this,The Grinsbach Family have the campground rented this weekend,got to get down there and see how much trouble Popa Tom is causing.Gary

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Re: Shedd Quad Race??

Postby Blue Coyote » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:23 am

Thanks for having this event, This is a very technical and fun event for a UTV/ SxS.
We will be back this year with the PacNORE,com #1997 Teryx, and will bring my friend with the Wildcat, and maybe a few others.
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