Volunteers needed for setup and course workers!!

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Volunteers needed for setup and course workers!!

Postby mikeames » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:07 am

FYI, we are always in need of volunteers to help setup, run, and takedown the HOS. This event is run completely by volunteers!

This year we'll be doing most of the setup the weekend before the race, Fri, Sat, and Sun December 28,29,30. There may also be work to be done on the 31st (Monday). (Email if you are only available Monday) We generally try to be up there at about 9:00-10:00 AM for course setup. You can bring your bike/quad to ride around on. When we get done setting up...someone has to "break in the course"...so you get some seat time out of the deal.

We also very much need people to help work the course the day of the event. The more course workers we have, the better and safer the course is.

Volunteers who help with a significant amount of setup or volunteer to work the course on race day gets a free 2013 Hangover Scrambles Tee-Shirt!

If you are interested in helping with setup please email me and let me know your coming... If you get up next weekend and just decide you want to come out and help we won't turn you away. When you get to the track just find someone with an orange vest and ask them what you can do.

If you would like to help work the course on the day of the event, we need course workers to be there at about 7:00 AM so we can get you set up with a radio and a place on the course. Races begin at 8:00AM! Again, an email to let us know you're volunteering would be appreciated! Email mike.ames@jctra.org Please come dressed for COLD, WET weather!

I won't say that you aren't allowed to ride the race and also be a course worker...but most folks are too tired after a race to hold up a flag on the course in our experience...and then we have a problem. Please be honest about your energy level, we need course workers to be reliable. If you'd like to volunteer to work the course, but really want to ride the race too, then contact me ahead of time so we'll know what to expect from you. My email is mike.ames@jctra.org

Please help support this fun event!

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