October Club Meeting

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October Club Meeting

Postby lclark » Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:10 pm

Hello All you dirt lovin mud slingers and those that put up with you,

This is your fearless, okay I am fearful that is why I do not ride so fast, Leader. Or, as in a country south of the border would say, your El Presidente.

I was trying to figure out what we needed to discuss this month, particularly what was urgent. The only thing I could come up with was the Christmas Party. There are a few other things to talk about but it is not that important right now. I am feverishly getting ready for the 24 Hour race and do not have much time to spare. There are a few others that are having some medical issues and cannot make the meeting as well. So, with all that being said I was thinking about have an e-mail meeting and hope that is okay with you all.

Meeting has come to order:
1. Christmas Party – I am a little foggy in this area. Sallie, would you be so kind as to fill us in on the where and when? I assume it will be the same format; the club will buy a ham or turkey, it is a potluck so bring a little of your favorite dish, meeting and election of Officers to follow dinner, and then finally the white elephant gift exchange. Stay tuned for an update as the time nears.

2. Let’s use this party as a time to bring in others that are interested in being active in the club. Probably be good to send this to the Poker Run guest as well. You need to RSVP so we know how many to expect. I want to make sure we have enough turkey and ham. If you forget to RSVP, come anyway.

3. The trail work contract put out by BLM is done for the year and from I hear it looks pretty good. State Parks did a walk through to fulfill the Grant obligation and has good with it.

4. Think about how we can make next years Poker run more fun for Saturday. I am thinking we through in some fun things to do and make the course easier (my bad).

5. The clubs obligation to State Parks for the Equipment purchase is now complete. There are no more reports to turn in or work to be done.

6. When riding, keep your eye out for trouble areas that we can get fixed this coming year.

7. Oh yes, I remember one more thing. Bill from Bill’s Motorcycle Plus and Husqvarna dealer has moved his shop across the parking lot to a bigger building. It looks great and really gives him a lot more room. I was talking with Bill and asked what his plans are for the shop. He gave me a tour and then mentioned that one area was going to be set up as a “coffee shop” and meeting area. It will be called “Café Husqvarna” and is a historical theme for Husky. He would like to encourage riders and clubs to have meetings there during and after store hours. The light bulb went off and I thought what a great place to have our club meetings. Since the use of my office is becoming questionable, this is at a good time. I think he is looking to be ready around the first of the year, not sure. I will continue to talk with Bill and line out if we can use his shop for meetings. Does this sound okay with you all? Hopefully I will have more to share at the upcoming Christmas Party.

Meeting has come to a close!

Please respond if you have anything on your mind, I (we all) need to hear from you. This year has seemed very chaotic to me. I hope things go better this coming year.

See you at the Christmas Party and remember to bring a friend. Two if you got them!

Lance Clark, President
Applegate Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
Suzuki DR 350, Gas Gas Pampera, Gas Gas 450 FSE, Gas Gas EC300R

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