Work Party in the Upper Nestucca OHV Area – July 18th and 19

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Work Party in the Upper Nestucca OHV Area – July 18th and 19

Postby lclark » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:12 am

Hello all,

The Applegate Rough Riders are having a big work party in the Upper Nestucca OHV Area the weekend of July 18th and 19th. Some of us will be there the afternoon/evening of the 17th and camping through the weekend. Staging will occur out of East Line Quarry, Rd. 4-7-1.1 off Bald Mountain Road which is in the center of the riding area.

We have trails to fix, new trails to open, and a couple bad trails to close.

What’s needed? We need folks that can cut/move brush, run chainsaw, operate an excavator, and use a pick/shovel. If you have a quad with a little trailer and a few handle tools that would help as well. We already have most of the tools needed. A pickup with dump bed would be a life saver, could get a little brush scratched. We would like to schedule the work and times people are there and where to work to be more efficient.

Please contact me at: or call (503) 623-3431

Thank you,

Lance Clark, Club Pres.
Applegate Rough Riders
Lance Clark, President
Applegate Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
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