Trail riding in SE Oregon - Northern Malheur County?

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Trail riding in SE Oregon - Northern Malheur County?

Postby jackiswack63 » Sat May 20, 2017 10:42 pm

Hey fellows!

I'm planning a summer trip with my dear old dad, and we're going to head out to Owyhee Reservoir and catch us some fish. I'm wondering about the riding conditions over there. Does anyone know of some good territory? As far as I know there's no actual OHV park there, the nearest one is Diamond Mill (I've let myself go and become a lousy rider so I don't know how I would do over there), Blue Mountain, or Virtue Flat, all of which are probably a couple hundred miles away. I've been riding a lot of cross-country wandering type stuff (hundreds of miles, through the Deschutes Nat'l Forest roads near Crescent) recently so I figure there has to be some BLM over there I can ride. Anyone know of any good roads or spots?
By the way if it matters he packs in a Grizzly 600 utility quad (big 4wd) and I've been playing on a friend's Raptor 350 he's been letting me use recently (2 wheelers are hard to use in back country, when you wanna shoot an animal you have to come to a full stop LOL) so we have the big quad to carry our camping gear & stuff on.



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