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ultra poker ride

Postby autodoc345 » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:43 pm

hats off to ultra for the great job on thier poker ride, I hadn't ever riden at the ranch before but sure hope to again. It was a beautiful day, decent turn out, awful lot of good folks. Only bummer was I hadn't gone over my bike for several rides and had my upper shock bolt come out about half way around the course, got another bolt in but no spacer so I was done for the day. One of my buddys who went down there for the ride hurried around and insisted I take his bike around saying the second half was even better then the first, some tougher hill climbs, stinky mud holes, and really fun woods sections, so took off on an unfamiliar gasgas 200. all was good but one hill climb that I thoughtI had reached the top only to realize that the knoll was 1/2 way, I had lost momentum and tried to get back on it, but didn't have quite enough, lost traction about 75' from the top, slid backwards, crashed hard, and had to ride it back down and try again only to crqash about 25' from the top, was really wishing I was on my own bike that I know at that point. My son hadn't rode for quite a long time and had a great day, he got in 3 full laps, some friends came up from ashland who also really enjoyed the terrian. PLEASE PUT THIS RIDE ON AGAIN, THANK YOU!!! Also thank the owners of the ranch for allowing us to come and play. God Bless, Bruce
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Postby Three Moons » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:18 pm

Ditto. Great event and well organized. And hats off to my new best friends, the Glide EMTs and the ambulance crew from Roseburg. Had a hard get off and landed on my head. Human lawn dart as Kace put it. Long story short, got my first ever ambulance ride :? . CAT scan was negative and all is well :) . Been a long painful week. Better living through chemistry. At least this week. Props to everyone who had anything to do with this event. Hope to see it put on again next year.
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Postby SNGLTRCKR » Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:57 pm

As one of the event sponsors, I can say that your comments are appreciated. The ULTRA guys that laid out the trails did a GREAT job this year! After the use of the Big K Ranch rode off into history, Ben Kercher and Joe Pickle reached out to the French Cr. Ranch in Glide and found them to be atv & db friendly. A BIG THANK-YOU goes out to Phil Strader for being willing to work with ULTRA. I think you will see this continue as an annual ULTRA event. 3moons, sorry about the get-off. I heard somebody had augered in, but didn't see the aftermath. Hope you are on the mend. I know one one of the EMT's. I will pass on your comments. All the Kudo's are appreciated. See you next year!!
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