2015 Dwight Horton Memorial Dual Sport

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2015 Dwight Horton Memorial Dual Sport

Postby gardeb32 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:58 am

This year our event will include the Dual Sport on Saturday and optional Poker Run on Sunday. Both have excellent courses for A and B riders with a very scenic ride thru the Tillamook Forest staging at Brown’s Camp OHV Park. The Park is located about 2 miles off Hwy 6 and the Summit of Roger’s Camp. Take a left off the Hwy and follow the orange Mt Scott arrows to the Park. We will have Trophies, and thanks to our Sponsors lots of prizes plus free hot dogs for all riders. At the Park there are 29 large camp sites and a group area for the Club. If you plan to ride both days bring gas as the nearest station is 15 miles away with no gas on the courses. Dual Sport 70 miles and Poker Run 50. On the Dual Sport if you can’t make 70 miles bring gas for our checkers at Ben Smith Road which is at about 50 miles. For the Dual Sport we will have gps tracks, maps and accurate roll charts in .01 of miles. Our odometers are based on standard 21” tire and are set at 2135mm. If you have a KTM you will need to disconnect the battery or plug to the stock ODO to see the setting. Each tire and bike are different so this will get you in the ball park but to be more accurate you can Google how to do this. Any questions go to our site: http://www.mtscottmc.com or call numbers on the flyers.Image

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