Hello!! It has been FOREVER...

Tired of going to events [or just riding] by yourself? You know there are other riders in your area, but you just cant find them? Riding/Racing Buddy to the rescue! Place an advertisement, about who you are and what event or ride you're going to. Include your name, skill level (be honest!), town and state.

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Hello!! It has been FOREVER...

Postby Dlow2686 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:44 pm

Hey everyone, So I have not been on here in ... umm.... I dont even want to check, but probably over a year now. :(
I joined this board before I lived in Oregon, I raced desert down in California and was looking into doing the same up here. Well, I am here now, and have been since June of last year and have yet to ride even once! I do have a good excuse though, I got pregnant... But, our baby is a great little man, he is almost 6 months old already! :( I can't believe it. Anyways...... I am getting my boyfriend a dirt bike and all the gear to go with it, for Christmas, because he has never been on a bike in his life, I really need to teach him what he is missing out on! And, I cant let our baby ride a bike before he does... So, the bike Im getting him will be here this weekend and Im super excited, except I have to figure out a way to hide it in our garage until Christmas..... Any ideas on that? All the gear I purchased from ACE Discount in Redmond, and he is holding it all for me until closer to Christmas.... But what Im really wanting is to start meeting some of you, I dont know where to ride around here. And, we still don't really know anyone here, except who we work with. Where are some good places to camp and ride for a weekend? Any of you willing to be our friend? hahaha.... maybe you have a little one too?

A little off topic here - I own Phoenix Photography Oregon, if you've heard of that yet...? I have a studio in downtown Redmond... just thought if youve heard of that then maybe you can 'put a face to a name'
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Re: Hello!! It has been FOREVER...

Postby mudpie » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:53 pm

Delorah, PM me. My dirtbike lives in a two plus car garage with a stack of tires and a lawn mower. Plenty of room if you need. In Bend.
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