Anyone feel like showing me the "How goes it" of racing ?

Tired of going to events [or just riding] by yourself? You know there are other riders in your area, but you just cant find them? Riding/Racing Buddy to the rescue! Place an advertisement, about who you are and what event or ride you're going to. Include your name, skill level (be honest!), town and state.

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Beginner Class
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Anyone feel like showing me the "How goes it" of racing ?

Postby videagama » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:52 am

After a couple years without being anywhere near dirtbikes, I decided to get back into it with the intent of actually making something of it. :ride :-({|= I have no idea how to function on a track anymore. (only ridden on a track once. I have a truck, and a couple bikes, just need people to help me finesse my racing capabilities. Thanks. =D>
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