China Hat ISDE April 2011 - youth requirements

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China Hat ISDE April 2011 - youth requirements

Postby AusGrl » Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:34 am

Hi all - here are the requirements for youth riders at China Hat this year - please read as there are some changes. Thank you

· The Forest Service is requiring that all riders, including youth riders, show that they have an ATV safety training card as required according to their age (this year it's for all riders age 40 and under).

· All riders under 16 will require one-to-one escorts who have entered in the Escort class. Each escort signs up to ride with one youth rider, specifically -. These escort riders may not be entered in another competitive class.

· Youth riders will not be allowed to proceed beyond a checkpoint without their escort rider accompanying them. (starting this year, they will be allowed clock across the line when they want, but they must wait on the other side for their escort rider. When their escort rider arrives, both riders will assume that new (if later) start time into the next section. This way the youth rider will not be penalized if he can get to the check on time but his escort is late. Both riders will also assume a new due time at the next check, calculated off of the prescribed interval time for that section

Also Riders under 18 must be accompanied to sign-up by a parent or legal guardian. (Bring notarized proof of guardianship.) This is MANDATORY.

Have a great ride and be safe

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