2017 lone wolf.

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2017 lone wolf.

Postby jb15 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:25 pm

2017 lone wolf

had some fun. i only got to run the 1st test in race mode. with about 3-4 miles left to test 2 and the half way checkpoint i got a front flat. i ran it back to camp and with some help from Andrew Enterline (front tube/tire levers, thanks again) and another fellow i don't know (some tools) i was able to put a new tube in the front. i was 27mins late leaving the mid way point. but i really just needed to not DNF because of the series, i cruised the rest of the course including the tests... didnt want to break something or get hurt or whatever and dnf. i already missed two races and couldn't miss another. i don't think there was many people there from my class anyways so even with a *(poop)* load of route points i think i will still get good points for the race.

the course was fun and the second half was tiring lol... :-({|=
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ellis cookman
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Re: 2017 lone wolf.

Postby ellis cookman » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:18 pm

I too enjoyed the ride. With fog as thick as "snot" I knew if I tried to go fast I would end up on my butt, In fact I did wind up on my butt. Like they say you will never know how fast you can go until you crash, "I did not know fast could be sooo slow"! Tillamook is a challenge when it's wet, Lobo marked the corse very well, I stayed on track and loved all the confident markers to show the way. A ton of hours spent on clearing trails, We ran down one that was used earlier this year. the first time it was just brush and I had no idea if I left the trail or not, This time it was clean and that made it fun for sure. thanks to everyone for giving us your time so we could come out and play. the special test at the parking lot is a great place for spectators (and me) to watch the other riders. Glad this race got rescheduled and not cancelled. No fire danger for sure, Great way to finish the OMRA XC series.

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