KTM 250 xcf w gas milage

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KTM 250 xcf w gas milage

Postby chainsaw » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:54 am

Yesterday my son Mike and I rode Mowich, Mike on his DR and me on my 250 xcf w. We did some single tracks and I did some hill climbs but mostly the dirt roads because he had street tires. We mainly rode the East side power line to Boundry springs and then up the back side of Walker Mt. to the top, 7000'. Here's the amazing part, we rode 70 miles and I burned a tiny bit over ONE GALLON. Mostly in 4/5/6 gears, that's why but still hard to believe. Fuel control must have leaned it out in the altitude. Most of the area is just under 5000' Actually we took on a little too much, I got tired to where I couldn't respond properly to turns and kinda blew off of the trail couple of times. Besides that we ran out of water at top of Walker so had a long ride back to the power sub station without a drink. Didn't know it was bow hunting season, lots of hunters at the camp grounds but riding where we were didn't bother anyone.
KTM 250xcf w

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