Tip: How to protect your GPS screen from scratches

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Tip: How to protect your GPS screen from scratches

Postby Tawmass » Sun Jan 07, 2007 10:11 pm

I found this on another board and thought I'd pass it on. To protect your expensive GPS screen from getting scratched up, install a screen protector, like what's available for the handheld and palmtop computers. I found a product at Radio Shack by Fellowes - WriteRight that has 10, 3"x4.125" sheets. Just customize for your particular screen and install. Much easier than buffing out the screen after you get it scratched up!
These screen protectors also work well for your cellphone, MP3 player and digital camera viewing screens. They supposedly reduce glare also, but I haven't confirmed that yet. I know Office Depot has something similar also.
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